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Chelsea Players-Sat the Bench but now starring in the World Cup

Soccer Books For 12 Year Olds

If your child loves soccer, consider adding one of these picture books to their reading list. Soccer Books for 12 Year Olds, comprises the Soccer Tales Trilogy and are available for all skill levels and will help your child learn more about the game. These books can include soccer vocabulary, game rules, history, and more. They will also help them understand the technical aspects of the sport. A child can learn about different teams and players from these books.

Soccer is a popular sport worldwide, and more kids play the game. Good Soccer Books for 12 Year Olds will motivate your child to play soccer and become a better person. A soccer book can inspire children to read and make reading a fun activity. There are books for toddlers, elementary school children, and middle schoolers.

World Cup Kids Soccer Book

The World Cup is a time for excitement, and the World Cup Kids Soccer Books and Coloring Books of the Soccer Tales Trilogy will keep your little ones entertained while they learn about the tournament. This activity book includes drawing and coloring activities.

And guess what, the women's World Cup is coming to Australia and New Zealand in 2023

With its colorful illustrations and easy-to-read text, the World Cup Kids Soccer Book is an excellent introduction to the sport of soccer. Parents and children will learn much from this fun, educational book about the sport. This is a great book for young children who are not yet able to read.

Best Kids Soccer Book No Shortcuts

The Best Kids Soccer Book No Shortcuts, Soccer Tales II-Born to Play the Game  is a comprehensive manual for young soccer players. It covers everything from technique to warmups and games. It is a great resource for young coaches and players alike. This book is written from the perspective of a young girl who loves the game of soccer. It focuses on the importance of having a coach, and the book also provides fun activities for the children.


Best Kids Soccer Book No Shortcuts, Soccer Tales II is written for children ages eight to twelve. It has numerous chapters, each covering a specific aspect of the game. Each chapter is a page or two long, and the tips are easy to apply. The book contains illustrations and rhyming to help kids learn the game of soccer.

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