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What to do, where to play? This is Maria and she is from that soccer-loving country Uruguay (Home to Luis Suarez and Diego Forlan). She has to decide whether to play for the Revolt  her school team that has lost 58 games the past 3 years or continue to play for an elite club team and develop her    .

                                                    Or maybe she should do both? 

Also, there is Wren who has an interesting story to tell. She is from Honduras and has played for Team Revolt as well as all over the United States.  


story from Soccer Tales II-second edition., "Born to Play the Game"

My teammates call me Wren. I was born in Honduras and was brought to America when i was six years old. It was not until I was 13 that I was introduced to the beautiful game.
In America I live in an inner city, definitely not a soccer city or as I call it futbol city. 
During the summers when I didn't have school or any futbol at all I joined a rec league, but it was mostly for older people. There I only came to find very rude people. If I could not complete a pass or a shot I would hear people on the sides saying I “sucked” The kind of words we heard when Team Revolt was just starting out with Coach Stu. 
I couldn't believe it, it was not what I had imagined. The girls came to pre-season camp unfit and not able to sustain the rigors of camp, let alone the season. I even thought about transferring but I figured I just couldn’t not after I had worked to get these girls at some competitive level. So I gave it my all. Sophomore year I fought with it all, I became team captain of the Varsity team.
Unfortunately my junior year I had to move halfway across the country with my dad, to Mississippi. Over there travel futbol is called Select soccer, I tried out for select teams all over Mississippi and made them all but just couldn’t join because of the money. Definitely, the money is the only thing that has stopped me from becoming the player I wish to be. No one is” born to play this game”, one is just born to learn it and to master it. But nothing be done without sacrifice and hard work. It also helps if you have deep pockets. But one thing I realized in my travels across our great nation, soccer is very popular and the players with the right training will only get better and represent our country well into the future.
There was a tennis court by where we lived in Mississippi and everyday in the hot blazing sun I would go out and dribble the ball, kick the ball, and pass to the gate. We lived by the beach so every afternoon I ran for 6 miles. I became captain of the varsity team in the high school in Mississippi but before the season could begin I was moving back with my mother to the East Coast..

This is my story.

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