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 " Soccer Tales II-Born to Play the Game" by Lew Freimark is an excellent book about Coach Stu’s dedication and desire for soccer and his team’s success. When reading "Soccer Tales I-Legend of the Shoelace Monster and its sequel, "Soccer Tales II", I was able to relate to the Vipers and Revolt Teams. My Lady Knights Basketball team of Climax-Fisher, Minnesota had been on a similar journey when they made history. The Lady Knights snapped an 84 game losing streak beating a team in double overtime, with only three players on the court. Victories happen when a team with true HEART, DESIRE, DETERMINATION, PERSEVERANCE and TENACITY never give up.It would be easier to blame someone else or other factors for losses, as Coach Stu says to "scapegoat" but when teams have a will to succeed, it enables them to overcome the negativity that surrounds a losing team, it also gives them the strength to show up every day to practice, to improve their skills and work to their highest potential. It is also a coach's greatest challenge to find ways to bring a positive spin and creativity to the team's season.As an athlete it would be easy to quit when you haven’t won any games or when your classmates make fun of you for being part of a losing team. The 2014-2015 season goes to show that working hard pays off; you just don’t know when that moment will come.This lesson can be carried not only through athletics, but in everyday life, moving into college, work force or family life. Working hard to excel in every aspect of your life pays great dividends to those willing to make the sacrifice.Jonathon VoneshHead Coach-Lady KnightsClimax-Fisher High SchoolClimax, Minnesota

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