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ESPN and Andrew Corcello spin on goalies, "Even as a child a goalie realizes that there's a madness inherent in what he does and who he is: He can never succeed, only not fail. This realization walls him off from his teammates, and from hemself. Eventually he adopts a certain Rambo-esque apartness"

Lew Freimark spin on goalies in "Soccer Tales-Legend of the Shoelace Monster, " One risk about being a keeper is that the keeper is always visible. He or she, has no teammates around them when the shot is taken, especially on breakaways. They are on centerstage and visible to all the spectators and players on the field. It is a lonely position filled with many lulls of standing alone, followed by instantaneous flows of action when shots are taken or breakaways created with players bearing down on goal. There is great glory or instant doom in those moments when shots are taken. Jake thinks that great goalies have courage and usually quirky personalities. They consider the goal area to be their home and they guard it jealously. Some of them stake the goal area out, scratching it up with their cleats and this is part of the ritual associated with being a keeper. They also wear special color uniform jerseys, which differ from the team color, and which make a fashion statement on the field. Part of a keeper’s personality is the type and color of uniform they wear. One of my favorite goalkeepers on the Vipers was Matty who was always able to shrug off goals with a smile and resume his courageous position in the net or ‘THE OLD POTATO SACK’ as true-blue soccer fans call it. Matty went to a birthday party with Jake and was seen talking to his parachute soldiers which he had placed in the scoops of ice cream of his sundae. This was Matty being Matty just having an ordinary conversation between toy soldiers. One of the other kids called him a moron and Matty’s reply with a smile was “ Great, I’m a moron, I’m a moron.!!” Now that’s the kind of personality that me and the Coach say makes a great keeper ! "

Nailed it!!



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