• Lew Freimark

Spanish women should have been given the chance to win

I don't believe that in the Women's World Cup match, the U.S. was awarded a penalty kick to put them ahead 2-1. The U.S. girl was nowhere near the ball and was not denied a goal scoring oppoSpaI nish women should have been given the chance to winrtunity. The Spanish defender barely touched her. Thank you again VAR

The Spanish women were excellent in keeping the ball on the ground and linking up passes to each other. They just had difficulty finishing the plays themselves. The Spanish women will be hard from again.

Next up for the U.S.A. is France, a team that can finish the plays. Should be a good one on Friday.

More soccer news-it looks like, the Legend, Frank Lampard is coming back to Stanford Bridge to coach my Chelsea team. I think he can bring the best out of American wunderkind, Christain Pulisic. Should be an exciting year in the EPL.

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