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Soccer tales I - Legend of the shoelace monster is now available in ebook format in the kindle store :: 

BK1 2Ed COVER C(675).jpg

NOW, TODAY, in Pandemic times with the Presidential election looming, Barnes & Noble has "Locker Tales-From Coffee Beans to Fitness Dreams and Politics to Pandemics"

in their eBook store for purchase: 

Goofy, crazy, animal antics are a hallmark of this forest A surprise ending that will delight all youthful readers. Bullying is not allowed in the forest maybe we can learn from these critters!! Gird yourself for animal shenanigans in a second edition which will be coming out soon

" The Nimmies of Henri" again focuses on kids dealing with tragic chapters in our world like Los Vegas and soon coming out in the second edition, involving recent mass shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo. 


Parent, Coach and Referee Lew Freimark is available for speaking engagements at your soccer club. Contact him at

These are the passionate faces of the youth who love "Soccer Tales", Looking forward to meeting more of them at the book festivals in the future.

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